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The Dos and Don’ts of Co-Writing

The following guidelines are designed to help those new to the art of collaborative songwriting understand it a bit better. The best kinds of co-writes are the ones where both…

Five (More) Essentials for Home Studio Recording

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the expanding list of recording “essentials” on today’s market. Hence, in a previous column we attempted to cut through the muck by identifying five…

Five Mistakes Songwriters Make Before Demoing Their Songs (and how to avoid them)

It’s always a little stressful getting ready to put your money where your mouth is and the better the decisions you make in advance, the more able you’ll be to…

Using Modeling Amps in the Studio: Pros & Cons

As a quick-and-easy alternative to traditional amplification, a modeling amp does an undeniably fine job of providing you with an assortment of easily controllable and directly connectable sounds for the…

What To Do Before You Go into The Studio To Record Your Indie Album

Making a CD is like taking an audio snapshot of where you are as an artist at a given moment in your career. Since it’s expensive to make a quality…

Taking Notes From Neeks: Creating Spontaneity in the Studio

Spending too much on pricey stuff for the studio? According to noted producer/engineer Niko “Neeks” Bolas, you don’t always need “proper” gear to capture the right performance

Viral Marketing – What’s Really “Real” About It?

There has never been a better time to spread the word about yourself and music. The Internet, with its downloadable digital music files, social networking sites and countless other advances…

The Value of a Good Mix

While there is no substitute for a dynamic, exciting musical performance, a good mix can enhance every aspect of that performance so that the final result truly makes your song…

Revamping Through Reamping

Want to breathe life into lackluster directly recorded tracks? Using the technique known as “reamping,” you can create an entirely new palate of sounds for your guitar, bass, keyboard or…

Heard But Not Seen: How Indie Songwriters Can Make It Big On-Screen

Landing a song in a national commercial, TV show, or film can provide both a financial pick-me-up and immeasurable and immediate exposure.
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