FAQ - How do I get my band on a festival roster or tour?

There’s no one perfect answer, but you have to get the attention of the person who’s booking the festival/tour. Show them that you’re drawing big crowds at your gigs and that you’re getting a lot of radio/retail/press attention…you get the picture. State your case in terms that translate to people showing up to see the show.

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Posted by MBarne4908 on 2018-04-12 at 10:52:10 am

Before you try for festivals, you really need to be building audience following in smaller venues first. Festivals have to book people who are going to bring audiences in that others would not, or fill a slot that they don’t already have. And they only have budget for so many people in slots.

You need to determine what your fan base is and how many would come to the festival. Festivals are going to first book their “HEADLINERS” which are going to be well known, because that is the principal draw of the festival. Then medium level artists (those that have had one or two hits) then regional or local acts to fill in the blanks. Most will be on record labels, but some independents do get on. So build in smaller venues first, then get the attention of the bookers for the festivals.
And they usually book at least a year in advance.

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