FAQ - How important is it to have a band agreement/contract? What should be included?

If you’re serious about your band, then it is worth the expense of paying an entertainment attorney to draw up a legal agreement so you can set the parameters of your partnership right from the start. Otherwise, you’re setting landmines for yourself in any future dealings between you and your band mates. If you’re all professionals, approaching the band about this shouldn’t be difficult.  The time to draw up such an agreement is as soon as profits are going to be made.

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Posted by James Roberts on 2012-09-11 at 4:03:39 pm

May I get more detail on this topic please. I can see the usefulness of this agreement process but would like a little more thourough description of some of the most recomended parameters of partnership. Of course there is writing % and performance % but i know there is much nore that should be clarified for all band members piece of mind and satisfaction. Thx in advance

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