FAQ - What does a publisher do?

A publisher’s main function, whether it’s an individual or a corporation, is to exploit (get your songs recorded, performed, etc.) your songs and collect income from that exploitation. A publisher works with producers, directors, music supervisors, record companies, commercial production companies and trailer houses to negotiate fees for licensing your music for artists to record and for use in movies and on TV, in advertising and other outlets.

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Posted by E on 2004-12-16 at 1:21:44 am

I wrote/sang my own songs, paid a producer to write/produce the 12 song CD, and now I’m in the process of having a company replicate the album for sale. I’ll be the one doing the sales. My producer is willing to also sign on as my publisher. do I need a publisher if all I’m going to do is sing/sell CDs?

Posted by andy Harmon on 2005-02-18 at 11:09:01 pm

do you have any advice on going about getting a publisher? and do you suggest sending them just vocal and guitar or the whole band production, or does it just depend?

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