FAQ - What is a synchronization license?

A synchronization license for the use of a song as an accompaniment to a film or television show. The rate is usually negotiated by a music publisher.

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Posted by Roland Morris on 2005-02-24 at 3:20:49 am

Thanks for the info pal!  Rolando:)

Posted by stephanie on 2005-03-15 at 10:33:47 pm

A synch license and a “master use’ license go hand in hand. Synch licenses need to be cleared by the publishing on the music end and the music supervisor on the film end. These licenses need to be cleared for anything in film, movies, tv shows, commercials, etc. The synch license is to actaully synch the music up with the film and publish the finished work in a tangible form. The master use license is cleared through the record label or individual artist that owns the master track and is cleared so you can actually use the song in any way. If that makes sense. Feel free to email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Gary E. Andrews on 2017-04-24 at 8:20:29 am

A ‘Synchronization License’ is a contract signed by whoever is the ‘owner’ of the ‘right’ to ‘copy’ the musical composition, the ‘copyright’, to authorize use of the composition by a company in the ‘soundtrack’ of a movie, TV show, documentary, or commercial advertisement. The ‘owners’ may include author(s)/composer(s)/publisher(s) listed in the Copyright Registration, or who have contracted for ownership of Songwriting Royalties or Publishing Royalties after the initial Registration. http://www.copyright.gov

A Synchronization License is generally a ‘single use’ contract, meaning they pay the owner(s) a one-time fee for that specific use only.

As with all contracts whatever is put in writing and signed by the parties is legally binding on the signatories.

In recording, the copyright owner(s) must be clear about who will ‘own’ the ‘Master Recording’. Many artists have been stunned to discover that they do not own the Master Recording and find themselves having to negotiate with the studio or producer or record label for their own use of their own Song, or for authority to contract for other entities or individuals to use it.

Reading and comprehending contract language is of strategic importance, before you sign.

http://www.taxi.com tries to connect its paid members with ‘consumers’ looking for compositions to use in soundtracks. They seek ‘Broadcast Ready’ product, recorded to industry standards, ready to go on the soundtrack, with specifications of attributes to ‘fit’ what their customers want to use it for. Taxi simply makes the connections. It is up to the buyer and seller to negotiate any Master Use Contract or Synchronization License.

Synchronization Licensing can get your Song into the ears of millions of consumers who may be willing to pay to hear it again.

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