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JJ Silver
NameJJ Silver
Location Somewhere North of Seattle
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Writer or Artist?Composer
Career LevelA dream that will not die
InstrumentsDrums, Piano, Synth, Vocals

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InterestsFilmmaking, graphic design, writing, drums, piano, painting, studio recording, live performance.
Occupation Filmmaker/Graphic Designer

It’s no secret I loathe writing biographies – however short. But neither am I a fan of empty text boxes so here’s my contribution to the cause. One winter night in 1971, in the thriving metropolis of Spokane, Washington, I was born. I’ve been giving my mother gray hair ever since. In the forty-or-so-years between then and now, I’ve kept fairly busy. I’ve never been one to sit still very long unless sitting involved creativity. Whether it means playing drums, painting, writing music, film, writing or telling stories, I have this crazy belief that if you can do one thing in the Realm of the Arts you can do any of them. After all, you’re telling a story – you just get more tools!

I’ve had the pleasure of keeping time as a drummer for eight different bands. I’ve seen my artwork displayed on semi-trucks, featured in international publications and stocked on the shelves of Starbucks stores all over the world. Here are a few irons I’ve got in the fire:

◘ Just finished writing and designing “The Forty Years Ocean”​, a set of two visually-impactful, autobiographical books. (currently seeking literary representation).

◘ Recording sessions for the upcoming album, ‘Into the Everafter’​ (Vocals/Drums/Piano), is under way at Once Tamed Studios

◘ I’m gearing up to begin lecturing for my second year of, ‘Roots of Redemption’, which is a history of Judaism and Christianity in the first-century based on the documentary film of the same name.

Between music, writing, design and now film-making; It’s been a hell of a ride. I owe the ability to eke-out some sort of living putting my love for the arts to any commercial use to a handful of mentors and teachers. So, to all of those who have stomped their feet, rolled their eyes and pulled their hair out trying to develop the gifts and musings of a day-dreamer - I say, thank you!

And I’m sorry.

— JJ