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Roy Sonboleh
NameRoy Sonboleh
Location Los Angeles, CA
Member sinceApril 3, 2018
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Music Interests

Writer or Artist?Other
Career LevelFull-time profession
InstrumentsGuitar, Bass, PC, MIDI programming

Personal Interests

Occupation Music Producer

Creative Songwriter, Producer available to help you with your music.

Creating beautiful music is my passion and obsession.

I play lead/rhythm guitar, bass, and program drums/bass and midi parts on the keyboard.

If you are a singer/songwriter, but don’t play any instruments or only guitar, all you gotta do is sing me a few lines of your song and I will come up with a beat literally within a handful of minutes. A few minutes more and you will have a chord progression. Within the hour, you will have a solid foundation of your song.

I can help you with:
⫸ Writing
⫸ Arranging
⫸ Song structure
⫸ Production
⫸ Mixing
⫸ Remixes
⫸ Instrumentation
⫸ Background vocal parts
⫸ Beats
⫸ Basslines
⫸ Chord progressions
⫸ Lyrics (not really my forte though)

If you need help coming up with interesting creative ideas for:
⫸ Verses
⫸ Choruses
⫸ Bridges
⫸ Buffers
⫸ B-parts
⫸ Buildups
⫸ Breakdowns
⫸ Stops
⫸ Drops
⫸ Hooks & melodies
⫸ Riffs
⫸ Transitions
⫸ Intros
⫸ Outros
⫸ Endtros
⫸ Choosing loops/samples/effects
⫸ Editing audio files
⫸ Dialing in effects & EQ

I can also coach your vocal tracking to make sure you get the best vocal track for your song:
⫸ Pitch
⫸ Phrasing
⫸ Vocal rhythm/flow
⫸ Annunciation
⫸ Vocal harmonies

I have experience with Protools, Ableton, Logic, Reaper, Acid, and can easily pick up on how to use your other DAWs.

Send me your incomplete (or complete) song for a free analysis of what I can do to improve your music and take it up to the next level. And if your music or style is out of my scope, or so good that I could not improve upon it, I will tell you honestly.

Remote Work:
We can also work remotely via Skype and/or Teamviewer. You can upload your scratch vocal stems to my Google drive, I can produce your song, then I’ll send you a finished song mp3 (the “karaoke version”) with no vocals so you can record your final vocal tracks at your local recording studio. Then you send the final vocal stems back to me for the final mix.

Accepting cash, Squarecash debit card payment, credit card via Square card reader, or PayPal prior to arrival at your studio.

Message or email for rates.