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NameEvelynn Mandeville
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InterestsHorseBack Riding, and I have a poem being published in the summer, and Their going to even have it made into a C.D.
Occupation I have an after school job, cleaning the classrooms, at kalaheo (mustang pride B

When I was 10 years old I watched my grandmother slowly die, and I pratically lived in the hospital…9 months later my mom picked me up from school, and she took me home, she told me not to look to my right, but being the kolohe keiki dat I was, I looked and I saw my papa look at me and then he died.

Inbetween then (about 2 months after my grandmas funeral) I watched my family fall apart.  My cousin tried killing us, my mom and aunty was always fighting, my uncle got a divorce after his wife almost killed his son,they all hated me, they told people that my mom killed my grandma, and I was raising my cousin who was born 3 days before my grandmas funeral.  I just had to much to deal with, and I didnt know what to do.

After my papa died we found out that he gave the house to his brother who’s son kicked us out, and then we had to move into waimanalo with family or live on the streets, then we got kicked out again, and I almost lived on the streets again, but my mom’s friend is letting us live with her.

When people read my stuff about what I went through they ask if it’s all true, and just to let any of you know…...
if you got any drama’s going on in your life, and you need support you can contact me at

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
(might change)
Because it dont matter how old you are you are, you can always help yourself with help from others that you don not know.

*I was 10 when all this happened, I am turning 15 in September, and there is still more going on in my life.