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Ray Bertram
NameRay Bertram
Location Arkansas
Member sinceApril 29, 2008
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Music Interests

Writer or Artist?Lyricist
Career LevelMostly for fun but it pays for itself

Personal Interests

InterestsWriting, model railroading, carpentry, videography, photography, hiking, bicycling, and living out in the country.
Occupation Disabled/largely blind

a.k.a. MrHayseedplowboy

These are all of my various YouTube channels/projects:

KaBERTRAM!!! (My music work)

My most recent project:
Cripple Quest 100: West Virginia Bound!

...and some of my other various, miscellaneous, and as sundry projects lol

The Bertram Family

JRayPlay Gaming

This Is Arkansas

“We have a blind date with destiny…and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster.”