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Ken Dixon
NameKen Dixon
Location Deltona, Florida
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Writer or Artist?Songwriter
Career LevelA dream that will not die
InstrumentsGuitar, cheap keyboard

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Occupation Writer

I started writing songs in 2007 at the urging of an old friend who sings, writes and has a history in the music business.

150 or so compositions later, I slowed almost to a stop because I hadn’t made any money.  There’s been plenty of praise for my lyrics, but that’s worth nothing in the checkout line.

My home-baked recordings are created with a Yamaha mixer into Cakewalk’s “Guitar Tracks Pro 3” software.  I had a couple of guitars once, but in the last few years I’ve just used a very inexpensive keyboard.  And I played around with an 80s-era Lowrey organ till it gave up the ghost.

I’m no singer, but I work cheap.