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Location Mt. Victory, Ohio
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Writer or Artist?Songwriter
Career LevelHobby
InstrumentsI best at playing the radio

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InterestsMy next meal and how many beers are left in the fridge.
Occupation Retired and Worthless

An old bar band bass player that began writing songs in the early 90’s.  Has made many trips to Nashville to work with pro songwriter and teacher Marc Alan Barnette (MAB).  He taught me nearly everything I know about songwriting but I failed to learn every thing he knows.

I play some guitar, sing only when I have to, and depend on better songwriters and performers than myself to demo my songs. 

I have never won an “Ugly” contest; but I was smart enough not to enter.

I have 3 ex-wives that love me more now than when I was married to them.

I am worth a small fortune and I really mean a “small” fortune.

I’m retired; but that only means I’m old enough to always be tired, I only have to work a few minutes before I retire.