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Lyssa Amico
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InterestsMusic in General, Heavy Metal Music, Writing Lyrics or "Epic Poetry", Pseudo Sciences, the State o World, Spiritual Evol
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Hi, my name is Lisa.

Music has been a part of me since as far back as I can remember; Music has always been their to comfort me…..... there’s just something about it that I can feel in my soul…..... I have loved to write my entire life and until I met my husband, I only wrote what I call “epic poetry” LOL

My husband has been an audio engineer most of his life;  When we met I simply started calling my poetry lyrics and putting them music:) My Husband and I have a small home recording studio, where we create our own form music…. For the music we create together, we are called SonicStatement;

I have decided to expand my lyrical abilities and reach out to other musicians, so that I may broaden my Horizons, lyrically and musically;

So I guess you’re wondering what sets me aside from others, that would encourage you to consider Mel words with your music…...Well this is the best I can describe it…...Here goes…...

I have a unique lyrical Style and an extensive vocabulary; I have a clever way with words and I always dig deep with my subject matters; sometimes I’m the darkness; sometimes I’m the light; (sometimes I’m both LOL)...... The point is that my style is very unique, in my opinion and I feel that with the right musician(s) something great ciuld be created;  I am also very good at writing lyrics to someone else’s arrangement as well as finding unique ways to write on the topics the others choose for me to write about;

Also I want to note that I enjoy arranging songs and coming up with unique abstract melodies as well…... I seem to have a alternate perspective when it comes to Arrangements, and it seems to bring depth to the song(s) and bring originality to my work…...... I’m different and that’s what makes me musically me :-)

So I’m sure this isnt your typical “Songwriter” Bio but that’s okay, I felt led to word it just as it is… I’ll leave you with this…........

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd or the mainstream;  I believe, with the right collaboration, mainstream would follow us…... I believe music is the great communicator, lyrically, instrumentally and spiritually

I believe the music industry is due for a change, and I believe the world is ready for it….....

So whether or not we create music together, in groups or idividually….... if we believe in ourselves, our abilities, gifts and talents and pursue our goal…..... we can still be the collective that saves the world…... Music is the Heart and right now the World needs Heart to Survive…....

I am looking forward to working with any musicians who would like to give me a chance to create lyrics for their music:-)

Love to you All