Stepping into My Shoes, a video lesson from MAB

Jul 10, 2018, 08:20 AM

          A video slide show

One of the things we have to do in this day and age is give every song we want to present to the public in the best ways we can. You get one chance to make a BAD FIRST IMPRESSION, and you should be prepared for your songs to be put everywhere, since once you put them up somewhere, they are going probably going to be shared, and promoted by others. And you really don’t know where they will end up.
Since YOU TUBE/FACEBOOK are the primary movers and shakers when it comes to public opinion on music, having a simply MUSIC VIDEO prepared is a good idea. That is what this is.

I teach the craft of songwriting and the art of performance to artists and writers coming into Nashville and in thousands of places around the world. In it I try to help people with song structure, character development, avoiding “second verse hell”, and all things in the creation and presentation of the song. I teach by doing, taking ideas, scenarios, concepts, phrases, putting them into a format and then developing the presentation. This will go from small guitar/vocal phone work tapes, up to studio guitar vocals and on to the fully recorded, radio ready products.

This song was one of those efforts. I was contacted by an old client from California, who asked me to help him write a song for his 27 year old daughter who was getting married in August. Since I have my own 27 year old daughter getting married in September, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone.

In the “old days” in the (1500-1800’s), this is how most art, paintings, sculptures, and music was done. Artists were commissioned by usually wealthy people, Kings, Queens, Dukes, the Church, etc. to make art and the artists were paid directly for that. It is how they made a living. And things like Michelangelo’s David, The Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel, Mozart and Beethoven’s symphony’s and operas, were all done.
That is what I do. Except with my works there is a TEACHING component. I take the general direction of the client, and direct how it all comes together. Usually works very well, over 3000 times in less than 20 years.

I usually write a verse and chorus pattern, depending on their contributions, lines, ideas, do a phone video of that, send that, and see if that is the direction. If it is, we go further. After tweaking, we can record in whatever way the client is interested in.
For this one, since it is a wedding song, I asked a friend of mine to do a video slide show, featuring myself, my daughter, her Mother, Grandmother, step Father, and sister and brother. Got to get them all in there.

But it gives a practical application for the song in a music video form as we have all grown so accomplished with. This is where I have to “PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH” in creation and presentation of the song. I hope you will view it and possibly get some ideas for your own music.


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