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Need advice on Home recording

Jan 12, 2005, 08:39 PM

I was looking into buying a home digital recorder, and have been looking at Fostex MR-8, Fostex VF8OEX, and the VF16OEX,  Musicians friends has them in packages coming with monitors, mics, etc.  The last two have cd burners in them.  For those who know which one should i look into, or know of one that could be better at about the same price, i would really appreciate your info.
Thanks alot

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Jan 14, 2005, 07:46 PM

After viewing the items you listed, I’d said for the value it’s a decent buy. But, I have a few questions:What is the center of your home studio ( what is your major recording tool)? How do you see your home studio developing over the long run?  Are you or do you want to be mac/pc based now or in the near future? What is your overall goal as a songwriter/artist/ producer, etc?

These are just a few questions I asked myself when developing my production studio at home. What I’ve found is that technology changes so often that there are always newer versions of what you once thought was the hot piece when you bought it only leaving you to desire the upgrade later.  I’m a salesman for a company by the name of Open Labs, located in Austin, Texas, and they’ve just developed a new all-in-one DAW. That means, you don’t have to go out and buy a seperate pc/mac, because it’s already there. Check out this site [url=][/url] and if it meets your needs let me know. There is financing available if necessary. These systems are also virtually upgradeable at anytime, so no more being lossed in the past of technological advancements. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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