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Jesus Took Their Hand

Oct 08, 2005, 03:44 PM

Jesus Took Their Hand
Written by: Don L. Fortner
copyright 2005

Ole Saul was on that Damascus Road,
He’d taken no thought for his very own soul.                                       
Well Jesus showed up and knocked him down,                               
changed his name, then turned him around.


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus took their hand                            
I said Jesus,  Jesus, Jesus took their hand.
He reached down low, lifted them high,
then gave them   a mansion in the sky.                   
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Moses was looking at the burning bush,
The Lord told Moses just to listen and hush,
He said son you’re standing on Holy ground,                             
You’d better listen boy cause I AM THAT I AM.

When Daniel was thrown in lion’s den,
he said I don’t know how this’ll all end
then he asked Lord what shall I do?                     
The Lord told him just take a little snooze.



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