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Santa’s Tears (Contemporary Music Needed For Lyric)

Dec 15, 2004, 04:38 PM

Santa’s Tears
2004 Freddy Bolen
Verse 1:
A little boy sat on Santa’s lap,
Santa smiled at the little lad,
To the boy’s request, Santa had no reply,
And tears filled dear ol’ Santa’s eyes?

Santa’s tears are falling,
Harder that the Twin Towers fell that day,
He can fly ‘round the world to all the boys and girls,
But there’s some things even Santa can not change,
He can’t bring a child’s daddy back again.

Verse 2:
The little boy saw Santa’s tears,
And whispered in his ear,
Send a message ASAP, to my Daddy please,
I miss him dearly, and need him here with me?

(Repeat Chorus)

Santa’s tears are falling,
(Falling, falling, falling)
9 - 11, is in the hands of heaven,
(Lord, hear us calling, calling, calling)
Hear us when we pray?

(Repeat Chorus)
Repeat Bridge - Repeat Chorus

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