Nov 24, 2004, 12:38 AM

My name is Kim Sto’vall, and I am a singer/songwriter in the Illinois area. I have been performing since I was eight, and over the years have found a true sense of fufillment in the process of building a song from the ground up. My roots are in gospel music (the Southern Baptist, Mahalia Jackson variety) and I grew up in talent shows singing Whitney Houston covers, then eventually growing lyrically into the sounds I now love. Some of those who I admire include (but are not limited to) Cassandra Wilson, Lauryn Hill, Prince, Jamie Foxx, and Meshell N’degocello. My hopes are to be able to create music that inspires people to not be afraid to learn the truth about themselves and the journey of life. I welcome inquiries from musicians and producers in and around the Chicago area who strive to do the same. You can reach me at

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