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SW101 Tips and Etiquette

Sep 08, 2010, 06:28 PM

Read on to learn some tips on getting the most out of the forum features and on how we can keep this a community of happy songwriters.

Another forum member getting on your nerves? Don’t get into an argument, just use the ignore button!  You will still see that he posted but won’t see what his comment said unless you stop ignoring him.  And if you ignore someone they won’t know it—unless you tell them.  You can also manage your ignore list in your profile.

Want to know what your post will look like before it goes live so you don’t have to edit it later?  Use the preview button! This is better than posting and then editing because members who are subscribed to the thread will get an email notifying them only of the initial post, not the subsequent edits.

Regret something you said in the forum?  You can always edit it or delete it, but remember the comment may already have been emailed to anyone who is subscribed to that thread.

If you edit your post it’s nice to briefly state why you did so.

Somebody behaving badly in the forum?  Hit the “report” button to notify the moderators.

Check out the forum home page to see who is active on the site right now (must be logged in to see and be seen).

Have a suggestion for songwriter101?  Post it in suggestions or send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Please refrain from discussing religion, politics, and other hot-button topics in a way that is disrespectful to other members who may not agree with you. 

When critiquing a song, remember to be constructive without getting personal so that the thread stays on topic.

You can attach an image to any forum comment.  Just be sure to use the “Post Reply” instead of “Fast Reply” button and you’ll see the upload interface.

In addition to an avatar you can post a photo in your bio.  The controls are in your profile.

If songwriter101 has been helpful to you or you’ve had success in the industry, we’d love to hear your story.  Email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The gray text you see at the bottom of some comments is the member’s “signature”.  You can set it up in your profile.

If you want to reply to a comment that is not at the bottom of the thread, go to the comment you are replying to and hit the quote button to start your reply.

We’re happy that we’ve got a real community going here, but please don’t use the forum as a chat room.

Overloaded with email from forum subscriptions?  You can unsubscribe from threads in your profile.

Interested in a topic but don’t have anything to say just now? Hit the subscribe button and you’ll get an email the next time someone else posts.

You can edit your Screen Name but your Username is forever.

The log out button is on your profile page.

You can find the posts of any member by visiting their profile page.

Need to get another member’s attention?  Don’t post it in a forum.  Send them a private message.

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Sep 08, 2010, 06:43 PM

Also, the forum supports some html.

Here are some samples:

<size=1>size 1</size>
<size=2>size 2</size>
<size=3>size 3</size>
<size=4>size 4</size>
<size=5>size 5</size>
<size=6>size 6</size>

<color=red>color red</color>
<color=blue>color blue</color>
<color=green>color green</color>
<color=purple>color purple</color>
<color=orange>color orange</color>
<color=yellow>color yellow</color>
<color=brown>color brown</color>
<color=pink>color pink</color>
<color=gray>color gray</color>

<b>, <i>, <em>, <del>, <ins>, <strong>, <code>, <blockquote>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>

this is b
this is i
this is em
this is del
this is ins
this is strong
this is code

this block quote

this is h2

this is h3

this is h4

this is h5


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Oct 09, 2010, 12:53 AM

Peter, new member Darrell Bonham posted a dozen lyrics, then deleted them all.

I wonder if you might want to PM him to see if he’d like to have you delete all the ones that don’t have a response, just to clear them off the board.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?

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Oct 09, 2010, 04:32 AM

The posts have been deleted.  Gary, thanks for your helpful comments to this member regarding posting.

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