Am I Wrong?

May 01, 2012, 12:50 PM

I posted this one a while ago (unfinished) - here is the finished version, and I have posted the link to my recording of it in the ‘Tune Topics’ section.
Hope you like it . . . . . . .

Am I Wrong?

Got to get clear of this verminous rush
where your hope become fears
and your dreams are all crushed
by the men with the need
and the drive and the greed
who are blind to the tedious lives they all lead
Am I wrong?

They say listen to me and hand over your cash
then I’ll fulfil your dreams with a pile of old trash
which you’ll tire of before you detect all the flaws
Yet you’ll clamour for more
‘cos you’re empty and bored
Am I wrong?

Money and power,
the masters we serve
will devour the hours
and the years as we further careers
we all chose in our juvenile clothes
with the blessing of those
who we trust and then loathe
Am I wrong?

(Midle Section)
I’m told that success is getting what you want
But I know happiness - is wanting what you get

Soundbites are craftfully sewn into place
on this overblown tapestry of criminal waste
where the rich use their riches
to propogate more than is fair
and this just leaves me sick to the core
Am I wrong?.

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May 01, 2012, 06:05 PM

Mike I really like this, you made some changes which are for the better. I could hear it this time.  Much much better, everyone go to Tune Topic’s You will like it. It it totally different with the music.
God Bless

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