I am lyricist and official published Angelina look alike, looking for composers, producers, singers to collaborate - let s make it BIG! We can!

Jun 27, 2013, 12:29 PM

Hi, I am Sienna Taylor (google :-), London and Kent based an official published Angelina Jolie look alike and I can give you a good promotion if you take my lyrics. Also I can write lyrics for you, adjusting it to your melody if needed, on a subject of your choice etc..

Later on we could do video with me featured there as Angelina or Lara Croft, singing back vocals (for example) or doing anything else depending on a project, so there will be even more “hooks” for promotion. However, I will be more than happy if you just use my lyrics and star in a video yourself or find a right singer for your project. Either way I will give you great exposure.

Licensing -royalty share, but also welcome to use my lyrics for free under Creative Commons License!
Creative Commons License for my lyrics states that all my stuff is free for all to use non-commercially. I only ask you to credit me for my part in the resulting work, i.e. as its lyricist (”Lyrics: Sienna Taylor”). If you alter my creations you may distribute the lyrics or songs under the very same conditions, adapting the credits accordingly by adding your name as co-author or composer.
If you intend to perform songs with my lyrics publicly, produce a CD or DVD, or sell songs, please contact me amd we will come up to an agreement.

Possibly I could help with top melodies ideas as well. Please send me your music and ideas if interested, I am open to discussions - let s make it big - it s not what you know, it is who you know :-)!

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