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Song of The Year contest

Dec 06, 2014, 11:28 AM

I am trying to spread the word about the Song of The Year contest.
It is a monumental scam!  I am not speaking as a poor looser, but rather as a poor winner.  After being notified by SOTY that I had won the country music song category and was eligible for the grand prize, I started investigating.  Here is a you tube video to help clue you in.
Virtually everyone that enters gets a runner up, honorable mention, suggested artist, semi-finalist or finalist certificate.  They stroke your ego and pocket your money.  Now you can add that award to your credentials.  If you are picked as a winner of the top 10 categories, like I was, you become eligible for the top 3 grand prizes.  1st place is $30,000 plus another $10,000 in equipment.  2nd place is $10,000 and several thousand in equipment.  3rd prize is a disproportionate $100.00.
There are four of these contests per year.  You do the math!
How can they afford these huge payouts.  It’s easy.  They don’t payout the grand prizes. None of the top two winners are actually real.
Try to google them.  Nothing comes up except on a SOTY website.  I predicted the recent winners based on my inability to locate certain finalists.  Another disgruntled contest entrant pointed out that of the last 12 grand prize winners, 10 were lyrics submissions.
Check out the lyrics winners.  They read like Victorian poems and would never be considered song lyrics by anyone.
VH1 put out a cease and desist order because SOTY was promoting themselves as sponsored by VH1. 
SOTY falsely listed label execs and artists as judges.  Under guest judges they show pictures of Paul McCartney, Sting, Rhianna, George Strait,etc.  I see that they have recently removed that from their web site.
Also I have been contacted by 3rd place overall winners who were not even paid their $100.
There is even a scam website that claims they investigated SOTY and determined it was a legitimate site.
There is a lot more proof, however, if this isn’t enough, well then throw your money away or better yet send it to me and I will send you a winner’s certificate and maybe a doctor of music diploma.    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Dec 06, 2014, 07:30 PM

I’m sorry to hear that Igor. It’s really hard to tell who you can trust as an upcoming songwriter and who just tries to scam some money off you. It’s a pity that you made this discovery after you entered the contest. Wish you could have saved you the entry fee. Hopefully we get some more posts about this to confirm your experience here on SW101. I will post this in another forum if you don’t mind and see what the member think of SOTY there.

Thanks for sharing,

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Dec 16, 2014, 02:33 AM

As I read these posts of questions and response
I can clearly see I did not win….
But that’s okay some big famous star
will come with the biggest ears to listen…....
And away we will fly
With songbirds as wings
To castles filled with gold and pearls
My music will play all over the world
every word is heard in tune
everyone will sing, this I guarantee
I can’t wait till they call me princess
of the country’s highest songwriting contest.

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Feb 01, 2015, 12:50 PM

I found out it was a scam shortly after I entered again in 2014.

It wasn’t so much spending the money that bothered me.  I was embarrassed that I had used their previous “awards” to promote my songs.

When they notified me that I was a runner-up, I replied with a link to the video that exposes them.  That was the end of our correspondence.

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