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Mar 09, 2016, 03:15 PM

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May 25, 2017, 09:05 AM

I don’t know if i can handle the things coming my way
She said we’d be together forever
She’s kept her promises and my heart still loves her so
She gives me kisses and yet still i feel alone
But i will never tell her cause i love her so
My mind isn’t one to wander
And that would give me more trouble than i want
I ask the good LORD to give me the fire back

  And every now and then
  I think back to the days we kissed through the night
  And every now and then
  I can reach down til it feels like a devils sin
  For a day i make my way and make things right again
  But what can i do i am stuck in the rut and rain
  Am i just to be here as a lonely soldier
  In a marriage with little to no fire

When did we grow old,and leave the past in the window of time
Was it me or was it you who decided in this solitary frame of mind
To hold our own and never make it like we are both at fault
If i had my way I would walk away
But i know i can’t do that cause you have been there for me
Maybe it’s just me,it’s so hard to say
Will a country month set me free

Surely GOD don’t want me to cross that line
My love was promised to the day i die
So i cannot be a midnight runner
No matter how hard i cry
No matter if i drink all the wine
I am stuck in this marriage like a soldier with no weapon
The blanks are shooting but the aim just never makes the target
I think one more time and i am done
But cause of her promises i will never quit

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May 25, 2017, 09:21 AM

Living in a town that has ghosts of yesterday
The fences are run down
The ball park lights don’t shine quite like before
And the birthday kids have no clowns
The dark of night just lingers on
The steel mill don’t smoke and the muscle cars are set in the garages
There is no danger in the air
What gives small town america the heart beat again
I don’t want to miss it when it happens
Just can not walk away
Oh believe,believe that life is a circle
And what went away
Will come back again

    When we built the walls to the homes of our friends
    And we would drink away all fears
    We never could make these days end on our own
    And if we cried,there was always a happy gal to wipe our tears
    The work we did was for men,and men we were
    This land was hard fought and won
    We didn’t let it ever be taken for granted
    We carried mountains that weighed 500 tons
    We took all comer’s and placed every bid

Well we never said goodbye
We didn’t always know the names of the presidents
But we made our own rules
We were taught not to lie
We always paid our rent
We were hungry fools

And now it seems life is getting better every day
Those old ghosts that rode this town
Now pile on and make a city
As we grew we paved the way
Brought back every kind of job
We took flight,may we never touch down
We stood on truth,didn’t care for pity
Kept paying those dues
Were always honest,didn’t steal,didn’t rob

Fortunes sometimes come from the inner being
We are a peoples of a most peculiar kind
When we dream,we dream big
When we win,we make it noted
Do you know what your seeing
We are turning back time
And as we dig and dig and dig
It will always be the story we have wanted to be wrote

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