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Mar 10, 2017, 05:30 AM

Hi! I’m an animator who tries to do too much. Try as I might I don’t have the time to practice my music making skills to create a good original soundtrack myself. So I have 2 requests for anyone willing to test their skills and gain some experience. There is no money in it but if this project ever gains any funding we’ll gladly offer some portion of it but we’ll cross that brig of we ever get there. The project both will be for is called Quintessence. It is a visual novel inspired animation series. I have an awesome cast so far now we need some awesome music. Check out some art and whatnot on our page…

1. I have an opening theme that needs making and a better vocalist than I. As much as I love to sing I’m still not the best so I’d rather hand it off as well. I have finally finished working lyrics and a vague tune in my head that’s mostly a mash up of a couple songs so hopefully that will be improved upon with your skills.

2. I need someone to make the score/background music for the series. The music to match and enhance the mood of the scenes. I can only ever seem to make sad or eerie music. There has always been a myriad of inspirational music that I’ve used and since it is supposed to be diverse world I would like it if the music reflected that for certain characters and locations. So please keep it in mind if you’d like to help me with this. I’ll absolutely accept help from a couple different people even just to mix it up better.

If anyone is willing to help please let me know. The current goal is to have a finished episode or two by July. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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