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Jun 10, 2017, 02:38 PM

Tried to post this in ‘Intros’—-didn’t work. I’m trying again w/o the uploaded file:


I am Joel Fass, mostly known as a guitarist. I lived in NY most of my life and now am in Hatfield, PA. I’d like to post some of my work, hear others’, and possibly collaborate. (I have some lyrics w/o melodies, and would like someone else to write the music for a change. I even started writing a show, after being inspired by A Bronx Tale).

That’s the file folder. I’d like you to pay special attention to the video about and featuring You’re My Foundation—-co-written with the late Jimmy Norman (who wrote lyrics for Time is On My Side, and also wrote with Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix). It was written for the Jazz Foundation of America, a charity that does wonderful things for musicians in crisis. Jimmy, myself, and all the singers on the video are clients.

My other favorite is Not a Bad November, the first ‘real’ song I wrote with lyrics. It’s on my Soundclick page (along with examples of my guitar playing) sung beautifully by Vicki Doney—-with Steve Ash on piano). It’s also live on the 1st set at the Smalls site.

I hope you enjoy the music and that I can make some friends here.

Joel (a pay site for the archives, or free, I’m not sure. There are 8 shows, and the most recent, from Jan. 27th, has 2 sets of mostly my songs with 2 singers and a good jazz band. I’m playing guitar)....

‘Charlie Christian got me in a world of trouble’—-me

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