Can you see me

Sep 11, 2017, 06:04 AM

Hey, can you see me
I’m at the end of my road
Life for me is a one way street
And I’m running out of hope
So cold and hungry too
I’m praying on the street
My heart is made of solid stone
Got eyes that cannot weep

You can help
Give me a chance
Will you stop and talk
Or offer just a glance
Wise words, I could use a few
It helps me through the day
Give me your company
I’ll hear what you say

Hey can you see me
I’m a person just like you
My world is lost and I have no plan
Don’t know what to do
The highman is watching
Don’t you know what to say
Hey can you see me
Maybe you should pray

You can help
To save yourself
Try to change
And he may keep your health
Coz I know
I was once like you
Standing in the dapper shoes

Can you see me
I’ve got nowhere left to go
My life it’s is such a mess
I’m all out of hope
Cold and I’m silent too
Dying on the street
My heart is empty all alone
Got eyes that cannot see

Mister did you see my pain
One day you’re going to know
Go and be a better man
And try to save your soul
Be careful with your precious life
Give thanks to the high
One day you may be asking
Wondering why….

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