Sep 12, 2017, 05:19 PM

Hopefully we all find some gold


Verse 1
It came upon me suddenly
The change they call puberty
Girls were all I could see….
It was Alchemy.

Life is full of change
It washes over us like rain
Impossible to explain….
Life is full of change
It never gets old.
Change as precious as gold…..
It’s Alchemy.

Verse 2
When I met you it cleared my head
You taught me about love instead
Of running around, I settled down
It was alchemy

Verse 3
You took me from lust to love
You were all I could think of
A change I’d never dreamt of
It was alchemy

Repeat Chorus

Lust to love Love to marriage
Then we became parents
Made a family…
Only one thing it could be…..
It’s Alchemy

Repeat chorus

Repeat to out:
Life is full of change
It never gets old.
It’s as precious as gold…..

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