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Behringer 1832…

Sep 14, 2017, 04:35 PM

...good golly, miss molly!!!

Our live sound just took a YUGE leap forward! This is a mixer board for the gear curious among us. 6 mic inputs, 4 stereo. We use it to input my guitar processor/drum machine/recorder/playback magic box on one of the stereo inputs which covers the Strat as well. The Ovation elec/acous goes straight into the board and sounds like the HEAVEN I’ve been searching for live tone wise. Mics, his and hers, go into the board direct. Plus one mic for the other acoustic which is not elec/acoustic. A keyboard can go in one of the stereo inputs and still have room for a drum mic rig to input.

This board, as I am sure most do these days, has a few built in effects. They’re limited because they go to the final mix but you can modulate how much it impacts each input from none to 100% of whatever the master is set at (think a little reverb on the voice/cleaner on guitar). It also has a surround feature that makes our little powered PA, Soundwerks, sound ENORMOUS.

EQ per channel is 4 band plus a master EQ which has the VERY helpful freq feedback detector (any freq gettingclose lights up a little if it is approaching feedback or goes solid if it is already too late LOL). Keeps you from chasing all over the board when it happens live.

Plus, bottom line, I got it used for $200, the thing is only $250 new. Plus I got a $200 road case with mine as part of the deal. Yeah, me! LOL
Dude wanted to get rid of it to go digital and 32 channel. The only shortcoming I see is that the monitor channels are slave to master EQ which could pose some problems if we get a little loud or so I am told. I don’t see that problem in our near term future.

In any event, it makes my mediocre guitar playing sound tolerable and makes her already very good voice sound incredible and I am not above a little help with my playing. And it’s fun to play with all them dials and learn what they really do! (I got a tutorial from the sales guy who also has a sound company).

Ok, I’m done exuberating about this. For now.  LOL

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