Barry & The Boomers Rock Madison Square Garden

Oct 23, 2017, 11:02 AM

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The NY Times Review of the First BARRY & THE BOOMERS Show at Madison Square Garden…

18,000 expectant fans sit restlessly at the famous Madison Square Garden in NYC….to see the new Sensation called “BARRY & THE BOOMERS”....

Apparently they are a bunch of old guys trying to make it in today’s youth driven world of Rock n Roll and Pop Music…Nobody has ever seen them live before, only seen their Video and Song called “WOKE UP AFTER 35 YEARS AND FORMED BARRY & THE BOOMERS…

Only a few pictures of supposedly Barry is in the video BUT nobody knows for sure. The hype has been going on for 6 months and their song has been # 1 on Billboard top 100 for 3 months straight.

Some old guy that looks like a 1960’s hippie slowly walks on stage with a Fender Stratocaster slung over his shoulder like a gunslinger…..He is kind of hunched over and slowly walks over to 8 Marshal Stack Amps piled up 20 feet in the air. He has long unruly gray hair and looks like he should be a spokesman for Visine.

The drummer walks up 30 feet in the air to his drum kit. He actually has one of those oxygen things in his nose and is helped up to the platform by two rather large guys. He looks like he should be playing shuffle board at Nate’s Retirement Home.

Then a guy clearly in his early 70’s comes out in a wheel chair. He has an old Hofner Bass like the one Paul played a hundred years ago…you know, the one that looks like a violin. He is sitting there now tuning his bass and looking a little disheveled.

Next 3 gray haired hippies come out with some horns….They are wearing Hawaiian Shirts and are hilarious looking…Hey where’s the Baby Boomer Cruise…hahahha…what a hoot…These guys will be lucky to make it to intermission.

The keyboard player comes out and is actually a walkers….He has hair down to his waste with a huge Peace sign around his neck….A sign behind his Rack of Keyboards says…MAKE LOVE NOT WAR….hahha…I feel I’m in a time warp…...Off stage to the right is an Ambulance and two Paramedics at the ready….Never know when one of these guys will go into complete coronary collapse…

Still no Barry…

The crowd is now all a twitter and laughing hysterically. Is this some kind of joke? People are screaming that they want their Money back…

All of a sudden the lights go down and the audience quiets down. Couldn’t see right in front face.

The drum starts pounding and a red light shines down on him…He is kicking in their Huge Hit “WE’RE BARRY & THE BOOMERS AND WE’RE HERE TO ROCK”...

Next the guy on bass starts to play. The volume is massive and pulsating and just these two are making the Garden Vibrate.

All you can see is these two guys now with lights on them.

All over a sudden they don’t look or sound very old…..

Then as if a space ship just landed…..that little gray haired hippy with the 50 year old Fender Guitar hits ONE power chord that rattled the ceilings and the entire place was vibrating…

He just fell into the groove and it was incredible….The sax, trumpet and trombone start to wail…

Now the light shines on the guy who came in with a walker as he walked to his keyboards…

His keyboards looked like the inside of a space ship and the sounds were ethereal…....

Still no Barry.

Then the lights go down again and the Music keeps playing. All of a sudden these Old men of the 1960’s don’t sound or look old anymore…You’re just caught up in all the power and excitement. People are on their feet swaying and stomping their feet. The audience is made up of ALL ages, but the older ones seem to be mesmerized by this incredible spectacle. It seems all the hype was legitimate.

And then with the Band Rocking the House Barry walks on stage with a with his Guitar and goes over to the Mike and Starts singing WE’RE BARRY & THE BOOMERS & WE’RE HERE TO ROCK”

The Oxygen is gone from the drummers nose.

No wheel chairs in sight

The ambulance is gone.

They sang their Original Songs about LIFE & DEATH AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN

All I see and hear is One Incredible Rock Band that was turned down by EVERY single record company. They were told to go home and play golf. Too old they said…nobody would be interested….HUH???

Well…. History is being made tonight. These guys have changed the paradigm.
I must confess…as a Music Critic and Journalist, who is up there in age….I was very excited and proud.
BARRY & THE BOOMERS ROCK!! And the 16 original songs were Fantastic…..
GO Boomers!!

Notes from Barry on their First Vinyl Album….“WOKE UP AFTER 35 YEARS AND FORMED BARRY & THE BOOMERS”


This is their newest Hit Song called “WEED”
We’re going to be on SOCIAL SECURITY RECORDS…....Tour is sponsored by AARP and POLIDENT…..We will be Spokesmen for METAMUCIL, PREP H, WHEELCHAIRS, ASSISTED LIVIING FACILITIES, WALKERS…..I think you get my drift.
From The Review by The NY Times Music Critic…..

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