Nu Galaxy Music - Sexy Music & Slow Blues Mixed w/ Hip Hop & R&B

Nov 17, 2017, 08:36 PM

#1 Independent Record Label. & Entertainment Company. “Ain’t Nothing New Like Nu Galaxy”.Genre : Sexy Music & Slow Blues Mixed w/ Hip Hop & R&B.Acquire what you truly desire.

Emanating from the USA is Vee Boi Baby, a diversely passionate artist and song writer. Over the years, his musical style has progressed and shaped his new sensual sound. In less than five years from 2011 to 2015 Vee Boi Baby has racked up a series of nominations for his music.

In 2011 he was nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ by Queen City Music Awards. In the following year he was nominated by Carolina Music Awards and Charlotte Music Awards for ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Hip Hop Artist of the Year’. His track ‘Attention’ featuring, Montre ranked as one of the best videos of 2012 and was nominated in the ‘Best Song’ category by Hollywood Music and Media Awards in 2013. After generating much noise in the music world he racked up an interview with Ryze Up Magazine in their November Issue and was featured on Indie Music Magazine and Radio Network, JamSphere.

Evolving from his previous work with a combination of Hip Hop and Pop, Vee Boi Baby’s newly defined sound is Slow Sexy Sultry Blues music entwined with Hip Hop. With his new definition of style and flare, Vee Boi Baby signed to Founded Nu Galaxy Music, Inc (Record and Entertainment Label) in 2015. During that same year he re released his independent album entitled ‘Unheard Of’ which was ranked as the number one album for sale by Nu Galaxy Music.

Guided by his influences, Michael Jackson, Howling Wolf, MC Hammer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, R. Kelly, Fred Astaire, 2Pac and Gary Clark Jr, Vee Boi Baby’s journey into the music world took shape. The luster of his new sound encrusts the very essence of his charisma and passion for music. Defined by his new lustful and sultry compelling sound Vee Boi Baby is bound to mesmerize audiences everywhere.

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