Why Bob Dylan Is Important To Songwriters, from DiscMakers Blog

Dec 12, 2017, 07:47 PM

If Dylan writes like I do, words just come to you, and you, the first listener, are hooked by the ideas in that first line. Those first-line ideas imply a story and a second line comes to you that makes sense in the context set by the first line. Soon you start to get the sense of the Singer-Character, not you; the guy in the song, the guy whose story it is, is take on it. And then you keep letting him tell his story, as you comprehend it.

THE Hook, the title or summary line, comes when it’s time for it, when ‘enough’ setting of the scene, putting props on the stage, setting up for the punch line, has been done. ‘Enough’ is a judgment call.

I don’t think Dylan contrived a lot of those songs to send any message. He just wrote songs. That we, the second listeners, could conceive of what they MIGHT mean may be totally irrelevant to what they mean to Bob. Interpret all you like, but it’s bad form to attribute any definite intent to Bob. If he tells you what he thinks, then that’s ok to quote.

He’s just a song and dance man, doing what he does. May The Force continue to be with him.


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