Asphyxia - A scaring song, a half-dream

Dec 31, 2017, 12:04 PM

Hola a todos. I wish you a really Good New Year. Perhaps good things may finally arrive.
Today I will share with you this rare song, a dark song, like me.
The atmospheres are disturbing and the sound in general makes it a very particular trip.
Thanks for watching. Mora

I would like something
I don’t know what
something that has no form
or meaning

I don’t think about
or imagine



May be a change,
an action
that takes me out
of the loop in which
I swim up and down
looking for the air
to avoid my asphyxia,


a morning that moves
as if I were
in another window

in another window


[ Edited: 31 December 2017 12:10 PM by Mora Amaro]

I did not know that to live we had to die so many times
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