Jan 10, 2018, 05:01 PM

Too late for christmas songs? Don´t think so :)
P.S.: it´s not done

It´s been 2 long years
but it´s like your still here
your like a vivid picture
hanging from my bedroom wall
I´d be lying if I told ya
I don´t think about you at all

your always on my mind
to the day to the night
your all I think about
every second every time

One more christmas
that your not here
one more year
and I still want you near

wanna tell you that I miss you
and my family does it too
you can see it in their eyes
the way they talk about you
can´t believe it´s like yesterday
we were talking in my doorway
everybody was smiling just having a good time
and then we swapped all our presents
told you I loved you
ad that was the best christmas
that I´ve ever had

nothing to do? Sing a song.

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