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Get your first paid gig in one month?

Feb 15, 2018, 06:12 PM

Hey guys, I’ve developed something new that shows musicians how to get paid gigs without management or a social media presence. I’m taking 5 students through the course right now before the official launch and have 3 open slots left. Our first student already got his first gig on day 14. My mission has become to teach other musicians how to get paid for all the years they’ve sacrificed honing their craft (the average fee a band in the U.S. charges is 600-1000 dollars per gig, and it kills me to see so many hardworking musicians leaving that money on the table)- if you are interested comment below or send me a message. I’m inviting serious musicians only since I will be walking them through the process hand-in-hand ;)

With heart,

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