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May 04, 2018, 01:46 PM

Hello folks,

Seem to be getting quite a few new people saying “Hello” and checking in. Great. Glad to have you around and hope you find some great things about this site, which is pretty cool.
My name is MARC-ALAN BARNETTE, or “MAB”, and I am a participant in the thread just like you are going to be. My main “job” is as a singer/songwriter/teacher and mentor based out of Nashville Tn. I have been in Nashville for 30 years and know a lot of the ins and outs of the music industry. I am here to help people with questions or comments to find ways to help them in their musical journey.

I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE STAFF,ADMINISTRATION, OR ANY PART OF THE ACTUAL BMI or Songwriter 101 site. My opinions reflect my own experience, and they are that, OPINIONS. I just am a guy that has seen a lot and like to share it with others if they dedicate the time, effort, money by frequenting a place like this. I’m just a friend.

I had a few suggestions that might help you in your journey spent here. This might help you understand things a little better. There are many other threads, advice from BMI staff, and administrators that go far beyond what I can provide. I am more involved with newer people, both here, Nashville and to music itself. I work with people continually and this is some of the suggestions I make to my clients/friends/students.

there are some really knowledgable helpful people here. Gary Andrews, Robert Battinger, Gavin, Japov (changes his name from time to to, but it’s really TONY) Jenny Stokes (from New Zealand) Decon, LaRaz, Otto, and many others I don’t know at all. WE all kind of know each other from here. All have shared interest, post thoughts and questions, some do songs, videos, lyrics, and all are pretty much like you. So check out what they say, their music, look at their links. And if you really want to know them, Private Message them or just come right out and ask. Good folks.

Too many people expect things to fall in to their laps. They will post a song or comment and someone will find them, the heavens will open, an angelic choir will start singing and a voice from God will say “They HAVE ARRIVED!!! THOSE THAT THE PROPHECIES FORTOLD!!!” You get out what you put in, and commenting on people’s posts, doing your own. asking questions, carrying on you know, CONVERSATIONS” will get you more information easier.
But DON’T expect everyone to listen to what you are doing. They will if you ask nicely, but to get a friend, first BE a friend.

Far too many people will come in once or twice, and things don’t work for them so they go away. If you are just going to expect someone to discover you, go ahead and move on. If you want to learn something, be around regularly.

Look around in your own neighborhoods. Find out about songwriter’s groups. Do a GOOGLE search with your area, and “LOCAL SONGWRITER’S GROUPS.” You’ll be surprised what is going on around you. And I know, I know, every one believes “THERE IS NO ONE AROUND ME..’ Look songwriters are EVERYWHERE. But they might not be organized. There might be two or three people around you, might play a club or coffee house. Might be in your school. Look around. There are bulitien boards in libraries, local entertainment papers and web sites. If none close, what is the NEXT LARGEST population area? You might have to travel a little bit. How bad do you want to do this?

There are OPEN MIC NIGHTS. Talent nights. Writers shows, open stages, coffeehouses, bars, pubs and clubs. You have to LOOK for it.
And usually when you find one, that will lead you to others. Make friends and build relationships. A career is a LOT of those.

#6..BE NICE.
Here or any where, treat people with respect. If you hear something you don’t like, something you don’t agree with, let people know, but don’t get mean or personal. We are all having to deal with that in life. I would personally avoid politics, religion, you know, the things everyone gets upset about. Bit those discussions go on. You decide if you want to be involved in it.

If you are not doing that, what are you doing. Write for yourself. Meet people. Have a good time and help others have a good time. That is the key.

I hope you enjoy yourself and bring other people here. This is a very good, informative site. I enjoy being around. Hope you will too. If I can ever help you, just let me know. I check around here a good bit, so usually if someone mentions me, I’ll see it and try to help if I can.


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