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For Aspirants of Truth

May 08, 2018, 11:26 AM

Many brilliant minds tried to comprehend Him
Many restless hearts strove to capture Him
So much ink was used to describe Him
Countless pages written to explain Him
But all failed utterly in their quest
As if making an unwanted request
Why does the holy book bring tears in one set of eyes
while convincing another it’s just a pack of lies?
In the end, it is the recipient that will decide
A seeker isn’t comparable with humans of pride
Intellect can only embrace a part of the way
Knowledge alone can’t save from going astray
Intelligence is fruitless when the soul is sick
The wall can’t be built with a crooked brick
There are innumerable veils between man and God
Reliance on only Science is a method so flawed
Logic itself has many a limitation
Philosophy can’t promise self-realization
So what to do to reveal the Supreme Mystery?
Acceptance of inability is the lesson of humility
If you have understood something completely
Know that it can’t be God, the Almighty
For the real test lies in submission alone
Not finding all answers in this temporal zone
Path of spirituality demands us to believe and learn
The opposite order always leads to a wrong turn
Empty yourself of this illusion called ego
So faith doesn’t let any question be a blow
If religion hasn’t come up with a new conversation
Atheism too clings to the same old argumentation
If saints failed to present new discourse for every era
Satan too ran in same circles without a fresh idea
The similar problem of evil haunts us even today
Same complaint against God after an unfair play
This world was designed to be a trial not a dwelling
Trying to turn it into heaven is an ancient erring!

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