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May 30, 2018, 02:32 PM

I’m Josh, I’m working on a song right now, it needs some looking at and is only partially completed, so hoping that someone would be able to help me finish the song and sing it.  I"m going through that special time in life where your voice sounds like crap all the time, so give me some feedback and PM me if you want to work together.

I work well with YouTube and tech, my brother plays guitar but it may be hard to get him to tolerate me.  This is a country song, so if you don’t like that genre feel free to find another person to work with.  Thanks.

How Summers are Meant to Be

Crickets chirping
Clear night sky
Junebugs buzzin’
My oh my how time will fly
Sure as hell will fly

Catching lightning bugs with my friends
Putting trout into that little tin can
Left from a party on Friday afternoon

Life was simple, life was easy
Since you’re listening, please believe me
It ain’t a story I made up
So y’all listen up
I was

Spending time with friends
Sleeping in
Hangin’ on the lake
With my kin’
Camping in the Rockies
Fishing in the valleys
Hiking in the woods
Cruising on the Highway
24, I lived it before
‘Cause that’s how summers are meant to be

God Bless America
God Bless Country
God Bless the USMC

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