Maybe A Song

Jun 03, 2018, 08:53 PM

( Genre = Traditional Country )

( Title = Maybe A Song )

just sitting around thinking what to write
i need a new song its an artists plight
i play all my favorites all trough the night
some inspiration oughta do me right

maybe a song about a jumbolai
some fil’e gumbo and a crawfish pie

maybe a song about a big freight train
a connon ball with a wabash name

maybe a song about whitchita
and a lineman trying to make a call

maybe a song about a whipperwill
and a robin on a spring time sill

maybe a song about amma-rill-o
and scoring an eight in a rodeo

maybe a song about liking some beer
and vodka putting my mouth in gear

maybe a song about calling her name
she’s lost somewhere in the mountain rain

maybe a song about a rodeo
a rhinestone cowboy in a broadway show

maybe a song about a lowly place
where the whiskey drowns and a beer will chase

maybe a song about some country roads
and some memories from the radio

maybe a song about elucius clay
and a wooly swamp where your all afraid

some inspiration and the words they flowed
the song is all done time to hit the road
it sure was fun and i had me a time
writing the words for each and every line

maybe a song
maybe a song

maybe a song
maybe a song

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