“Fake Life” - Pop R&B

Jun 18, 2018, 07:43 AM

Hi friends! 

This is a song I wrote yesterday.  It’s a story contrasting someone who gets involved in too many things that don’t concern them (nosey nieghbour as my Mum would say ). And someone who just looks at the surface issues of life and ignores the deeper world issues.  And to me, that’s what I call living the “fake life”.  I guess finding a balance is where we all strive to be?  I mad eyes the backing track myself using GarageBand, and wrote the lyrics as well.  Looking particularly for feedback on how the song makes you feel, any musical things that pop out to you in a negative way.  But I’ll take ANY advice or feedback, as I’m fairly new to the game.

Here’s the link…FAST FORWARD to 1:10 if you’d like to skip the intro.

Thanks in advance for listening/ Watching, and for sharing any feedback about the song.


Life is short, Do what you ❤️!
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