Lingo - Derivative Work

A work derived from another work, such as a translation, musical arrangement, sound recording, or motion picture version.

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Posted by Ron Dennis Wheeler on 2005-12-13 at 7:40:28 pm

When You Build ARapp and Musical Arrangement around someone elses song—Can you copy writ the entire song as new when you cannot make contact with the publisher of the original song? 

Posted by Ron Dennis Wheeler on 2005-12-13 at 7:51:32 pm

My thoughts are that once a song has been sent to be copy righted the original writer is notified first before a second copy right can be granted. If some out there has the answer or a solution, Plese respond. Making contact with most Major Publishers, A&R managers, and Major Recording Artist and Writers is my big problem, I guess for all new writers.   

Posted by Dwight Williamson on 2005-12-16 at 9:12:00 pm

I have a question similar to Rons.’  I sampled a loop from a popular R&B song for a smooth jazz piece.  I know I’m an ameteur but I’ve been trying for six months to get a response from the people who own the rights to this song in an attempt to get a lisence (permission)to use the sample.  when I try to follow up, I get a quick “We’ll get back to you” e-mail and then nothing.  Is there a way around this or am I stuck?

Posted by Leon De Vose, II on 2008-08-28 at 8:14:06 am

Try [url=][/url] for any mechanical licenses.  Check the PRO affiliated with the song.  If I could not contact the holder of the copyright or someone who could grant a license, I would get a lawyer involved.

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